2014 Video Prices

Although these are ‘from’ prices it gives you an idea of what you’re letting yourself in for!

Our current rate card for video production…





Business video intros

Short video up to a minute in length about your company and what it does. A concise summary from business owners is often more personal and engaging than a longer feature. from


Product and service videos

Slightly longer, around 2 mins, these showcase a part of your business in more detail. Potential clients will retain far more info than if they read the same information. from


Business features and showcase videos

Coming in at the 2 mins plus mark, business features really go into more detail about your company. It could also include historical elements and feature more staff members and premises. from


Video testimonials

Video testimonials are a critical way of conveying how good your current customer think you are! We suggest cutting 3 or 4 together in a 1 minute video. from


Green screen work

Normally used for online courses and presentations, filming on green screen is a very engaging way of delivering your message with supporting material. 1 minute videos from


*longer courses POA

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