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As the name suggests it’s contagious, spreads rapidly and when done right has the ability to infect everyone. The growth of viral video has been rapid and pandemic thanks in no small part to the way we’re all connected these days. Hand on heart, can you really say that your last marketing campaign had the […]

Online video is here to stay – it’s official!

Online video and video content marketing. “small businesses that fail to include {online video} in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.” Chris Trimble, director of content at Axonn. Lovely and very timely article in The Guardian Small Business Network yesterday about the rise of online video in commerce and how it’s […]

So what is a ‘Green Screen’!?

“Green Screen? What’s that and why do i need it!?” Basically a green screen allows you to drop just about any background you like behind your video. It could be images, a beach, info-graphics, the latest finance report, another video. In short it will make your productions engaging, informative and entertaining. Essentially we film you […]

Business event videos

Like so much in life there’s really nothing worse than thinking of something after the event when it’s too late. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve heard “i wish i’d had a video of the event’. Filming business events serves a number of purposes. In terms of posterity, it’s more compelling and […]

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