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Welcome to the first in our new year series of DIY articles. Here we scour the internet for the most useful tools for you to be able to generate your own user content for easy implementation on site.vidrack-300x200

The first product we’re taking a look at is Vidrack. This is a fairly new tool and we came across it by happy accident as it landed as spam in our inbox!

Vidrack is essentially a built in video camera for your website. It appears as a window on the page much like a Skype call and is used for capturing client/user content. Essentially a user visits the site, clicks record and lets rip.

Why is this useful? Well, no more chasing people to record testimonials. No more asking for people to write and post reviews of product on site. You could even build it into your followup process or include the option to rate your service in your email signature. Authenticity is key to all video content online and having users take control of the process makes it very real!

Basically it makes capturing feedback and testimonials slick and easy for both you and your clients.

Obviously all recorded content is locked down at the back-end for you to approve and you have ultimate control over what is published.

Vidrack comes in two formats; a fully functional HTML version for websites and a slightly lighter plugin version for WordPress builds. For security’s sake accounts are manually created by Vidrack and as of this posting we’re waiting for our full version to be approved but it promises to be good. We’ll update this blog once we’ve had chance to play properly.

Pricing is reasonable (free for the basic version) as you would expect from a fairly new product, and the feature set on the fully integrated version is impressive. There’s also talk of a website – free version where you can send clients to deposit content rather than hosting on your pages. Presumably this helps free up resource.

Sign up for an account here…

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