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I was talking with a friend the other day who recently retired from his position as CEO of a big UK firm. They pulled out all the stops… parties, receptions, gifts… they even flew him to France to play golf and drink with the other directors for the weekend! All very decadent. But, he said, now all he has are memories. What would have been great is if they’d videoed some of the event so he could watch back now. Had he known about it before, including me to shoot for an afternoon would have been a no events videos

It doesn’t have to be as lavish as that but how many events and occasions does your business put on or attend throughout the year that you have no record of afterward? How great would it be to be able to watch back the highlights of a conference? How impressive would it be to be able to show the directors how many punters flocked to your stand at the trade show? How choked up would Doris on reception be when she retires and is given a DVD of the MD presenting testimonials from all the staff?!

I think the point is video shouldn’t just be about driving business, it should be about aspiration, pride and celebration. The possibilities are endless. With that in mind we’ve made the events video package easy…

  • Planning session to brainstorm ideas and get creative input from us
  • Full afternoon’s shoot
  • Editing, branding and making good
  • Delivery in whatever format suits


Give us a call today to discuss your idea and we’ll get a date in the diary to make this happen!

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