Getting to know you!

Getting to know you!

The importance of relationship in choosing a video content supplier.

Quite possibly the most important factor in how well a business arrangement works is relationship and nothing could be more true than when you’re choosing a creative partner. Personally I believe that when I engage with a business to supply creative content I become a partner in their success. Furthermore unless I do my job properly and fully research what it is a business is and does and needs, i’m never going to be able to deliver the right content. A good grasp of a clients business, and of business in general, is critical to the success of a campaign and that begins with relationship. Unless we understand each other it won’t work. Unless I listen it won’t work. Unless I can accurately translate needs and wants and be empathetic it won’t work.

What’s more the ability to communicate and do so regularly is important. We need to keep clients abreast of developments and progress throughout the process in order to stay on track and create the best, most appropriate video content. Additionally if there’s a problem we need to resolve it promptly and satisfactorily without getting defensive or precious!

Does your current video content supplier know you and your business? Are they interested in your needs and the needs of your businesses? Can they communicate? Do they understand the message? Do you get on!?

At JAMP Video we believe our creative qualities are underpinned in no small way by our business acumen, our ability to analyse and our communicative nature. Our main aim is to make clients happy and help their businesses plus we’re pretty nice chaps to work with!

Are you feeling shortchanged by your current video company? Is sorting good video content always a headache and a struggle? Do you dread having to get it done!?

Give us a call today to make your life easier and the whole experience a pleasure…

Thanks for you time.

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