how online video works

Online Video Works

Getting into online video is easy peasy and not as expensive or time consuming as you may have been led to believe!

Why web video? The aesthetic and technical benefits of employing web video on your site are myriad and should not be overlooked. As part of your marketing mix it is critical in the modern online experience. Please read our short blog on the benefits of online video.

Perhaps you have concerns about ability, inspiration or nerves? We can help with all of these…

One of the key differences between us and a lot of other web video companies is that we take time and care in establishing what it is your business does and how it needs to be seen. We also coach in terms of creativity, scripting and performance and guide you through the whole process rather than putting a camera in front of you and telling you to get on with it!
Having over 15 years experience in media content production gives us unique creative insight and technical knowledge and ultimately we’re pretty nice guys to work with!

Online video basics

How long is piece of string!? We appreciate that every project has different needs but also that you need a feel for how the process works and what is entailed. So…

Short video intros…

    • an hour of your time at your premises to shoot the footage
    • fully edited and rendered offsite
    • inclusion of brand logos and info
    • delivered in whatever format suits
    • advice on implementation as required

Longer video features…

    • 1/2 day initial footage shoot either at your premises or on location (longer features will take more initial shoot time)
    • advice on supporting material; backgrounds, logos, infographics you already have
    • material we can generate; photos, motion graphics, audio and music
    • fully edited and rendered offsite
    • delivered in whatever format suits
    • advice on implementation as required


Be sure to give us a call today on 01256 958 012 for an informal chat and to discuss your needs. Alternatively please feel free to ask any questions using the contact form here.