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day in the lifeWant to show your prospective clients what you get up to every day? They need to know how well you work with clients, the kind of things you do to help people and what your business stands for. These videos can be thought of as mini documentaries as they cover all aspects of your business in a snappy, fun and engaging way.  ‘Day in the life’ videos are incredibly powerful for really crystallising in the mind of a customer what it is you can do for them. It also makes for a great interest story and will increase traffic to your site as everyone’s a bit nosey really!

These videos are shot very informally, almost voyeuristically. Basically we follow you round capturing meetings, jobs, your environment, you commanding your empire, day-to-day business. We then chop out the eggy or unnecessary bits and leave you with a 1-2 minute snapshot of how great you are at dealing with people. What you get…

  • up to a day filming
  • a day’s editing time
  • branding with company house style


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