Accountants Video Package

Accountants Video Package

We love accountants. They keep our businesses running, offer helpful advice and are pretty nice, friendly chaps (and chapesses!) In honour of that, and to ensure the rest of the world knows it too, we’ve put together this special accountants video package to help you tell everyone just how great you are!

  • 1x business intro video (to tell us about how nice you are) – c. 1 minute (usually £299)accountants video package
  • 2x testimonials (so your clients can tells us how great you are) – c. 30 secs (usually £100 each)
  • 1x service focus video (to show off a bit with what you offer) – c. 1-2 minutes (usually £399)




That’s £199 off but we don’t need to tell you that!

Thanks Accountants!


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