Why Do I Need Web Video?

Web video ensures survival.

Web video is obviously great for showing your business in it’s best light but the technical ramifications of a connected online experience with video at it’s heart are also important to understand and take notice of. We’ve touched on a few here…

The Benefits… technical

  • Google (the largest search engine on the planet) actively gives weight to sites that include video. 90% of the sites on the first two pages of results employ web video.
  • SEO based on text and tagged pictures doesn’t cut it anymore. In fact Google is putting less emphasis than ever on keyword and written content.
  • Video is essential for good search indexing and it follows that sites not adopting video are getting lost and left behind.
  • It’s thought that by this year 90% of web traffic will be video.
  • Google owns YouTube (the second largest search engine on the planet!) and if your site is connected into it’s own YouTube business video channel with regularly updated content, the rewards are further compounded.
  • Social media platforms were built to be connected into sites and are optimized for indexing video. Another outlet for content and source of exposure.
  • Video trebles concentration and information retention in customers.
  • It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ it’s critical in order to stay competitive and visible.

The Benefits… aesthetic!

  • Proper face to face engagement with your clients and prospective customers.
  • YouTube delivers 6 billion hours of footage to over a billion unique visitors every month… that’s a huge audience!
  • Show off your brand and product in it’s best light.
  • Potential clients are 75% more likely to retain the information you’re delivering using online videos.
  • Shopping sites generally report a 30-40% increase in sales having implemented web video of products.
  • If a picture speaks a thousand words how many tens of thousands does a video speak?!
  • Video ain’t boring!

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