Creative agency, picking the right one

Creative agency, picking the right one

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Picking the right creative agency will make it easy…

One of the biggest hurdles i’ve found to businesses adopting good creative content on site and even in offline marketing is a lack of understanding. If, for example, you engage with an accountant you know exactly how much it will cost, what they will deliver and when and it’s an understandable process. Lack of understanding can often put businesses off going down creative routes. Always make sure you engage with a creative agency that understands the big business picture. They need to understand what you’re trying to achieve, your business¬†and the message. They need to be clear and transparent about what they’re doing, and most importantly they need to communicate with you in English and not be wooly! A truly great creative agency will have been around a while and be able to advise on direction in general, not just their chosen discipline.

It’s also important to consider what you’re going to get for your money. More often than not if you put a project out to tender and then pick the lowest quote you’ll have landed yourself with a creative agency who won’t give you their full attention, they won’t be delivering their best work and, my experience suggests, you’ll be left with something that doesn’t do the job having spent the money and you’ll have to do it again anyway. Moreover, if you stick with that agency they’ll likely start trying to quote for the extra work to fix the problem. I have a term for cheap creative agencies, i call them factory agencies. They like to bang out cheap films for fixed prices which is fine but you’ll probably have to live with what they produce and your films will be embarrassments that just gather dust on YouTube.

When we quote we like to build in an element of contingency so that we can deal with changes and re-dos without having to charge extra. I would much rather consider giving a refund if a project turns out to be easy than start discussing extra costs because the initial quote was wrong!

I said before it’s important for a creative agency to understand your business, in fact it’s crucial to the process. Unless your chosen agency takes the time to understand what you do and what the point is, well, what’s the point!? We like to get involved with our clients because it makes for a much happier relationship based on understanding and good business sense. This in turn breeds good creative content that everyone involved is pleased with and proud of.need some help with quality creative content and video?

Video is critical these days for proper engagement and website indexing. I say this so often to people i sound like a stuck record but it is true! Make sure you consider what video content you are going to include in you marketing strategy from the outset of a campaign. It’s far harder and less coherent to try and shoe-horn it in later. It also gives the agency less time to get a good run at it and make it the best it can be. Granted a good team will be able to turn something around in a sensible time (i’ve done projects same day before now!) but like baking it needs proper planning and time to achieve excellent and worthwhile results that will generate revenue.

So in summary…

  • Understand the process and choose a creative agency that will help you do that.
  • Don’t go budget, cos budget is what you’ll get. It will be obvious to all and will cost you more in the long run to put it right.
  • Build a relationship with your creative partner. It will make for a much more organic and understandable process with people you can actually talk to.
  • Give video and creative content the time and attention it deserves. People will notice and will respond to something done well.

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