Infectious!As the name suggests it’s contagious, spreads rapidly and when done right has the ability to infect everyone. The growth of viral video has been rapid and pandemic thanks in no small part to the way we’re all connected these days. Hand on heart, can you really say that your last marketing campaign had the potential to reach millions? Moreover the captive audience video provides us with is often also made up of people you aren’t connected with, you never considered a potential lead and who in turn are connected to millions more. Everyone knows about the Dollar Shave Club viral ad on youtube (in case you haven’t it’s genius Currently that’s enjoying just over 13 million views but cost only $4500 to produce! I challenge anyone to broadcast a video ad campaign with that much reach for that little money. Even better than that it’s out there now, it’s done, and will continue to garner views until YouTube falls over!

The key to good virality is getting it viewed, liked and shared and the only way that is going to happen is if viewers want to. In a lot of respects a truly great viral campaign shouldn’t sell, not on face value. The philosophy should be about entertaining not flogging boxes. It might not even be anything to do with your business, some clever backlinks and followup marketing will help steer people in the right direction though.

In reality a well put together viral video can expect views in the thousands and can be produced for a lot less than the Dollar Shave campaign. However, if you get the mix exactly right and hit the jackpot the rewards can be astronomical. Here are some basics to consider;

Be positive

The vast majority of people prefer a video with a positive feel; happy, funny, confident, unusual.


Generally snappy videos work better, no longer than a minute. Also it’s important to note that people switch off incredibly quickly so get to the action within 7 seconds. No protracted intros please!


Even before they’ve enjoyed your first 7 seconds though, viewers have generally formed an opinion of your video based on the title, they’re fickle like that! Titles that demand a click through work best; don’t give too much away, remain enigmatic.


The spread of viral videoHere’s the good bit, the most successful viral videos on youtube purport to be amateur. So that means handy cams, built in microphones and ‘real’ script is fine. In fact it’s better that way. Remember your aim is to get views and shares. People are less likely to view something that is so obviously corporate and tries too hard.


Releasing your campaign at just the right time can also be helpful. Try to take advantage of current trends, keywords and hashtags that way people will find you without knowing they’re looking for you! If there’s a big event or holiday coming up try and plot your video round that.

Bottom line; ideas and creativity are gold. Be imaginative and don’t hold back…

We’re always happy to talk through concepts with businesses or come up with some storyboards and help you create your perfect viral video. We get all excited about viral ads cos creativity runs riot and the ideas flow! Give us a call today

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